Content digitization and porting to LMS

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portfolio_project2We expertise in re-creating, enhancing, and managing digital content for cross delivery platforms including open source and proprietary Learning Management Systems and Content Management Systems.

Our team holds experience in supporting our client in enhancing and adapting their existing digital content to various known content management and learning management systems:


The Challenge: 

The client required their legacy material for learning basic java to be presented as an easy to use online course. The curriculum would offer students to engage  and learn computer programming through the use of an avatar / Robot connected to their system.


The Solution: 

We established the important components for digitization of the java course in printed form.

Created visuals and videos, uploaded java programs and assignments to enable students  to program the avatar in a self learning mode.

Published, uploaded and managed content on client’s LMS


The Benefit: The digitized online course enhanced accessibility, multi platform compatibility, portability, engagement and interactivity, adaptive assessment and progress monitoring


The Customer: A well known North American company pioneering in the use of Robot and Avatar for teaching.

Project Type: Content Digitisation

Project Date: 20th April, 2016