Digital Content Creation and Management for a Construction Company

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Our customer is a BSE listed company with imminent challenge of acquiring skilled workers for specialised industrial construction work. The customer wanted to create an interactive and visually rich training module to reducing training their new hire for precise activity within short duration.

The Customer

A public limited construction company boasting Fortune 500 companies in its customer list.

The Challenge

The construction company was facing acute shortage of skilled workers in the area of specialised industrial construction equipment operation.

The Solution

TruSkills worked with the customer to identify skill shortage areas and executed on a structured plan for creating short video and simulation based training modules. The objective was to incorporate the operation manual into multimedia modules covering:

  • Basic operations
  • Advance operations
  • Troubleshooting
  • Safety and Hazard control
  • Preventive maintenance

The modules included both English (for supervisors) and regional language (for site workers) covering training and reference data.

The Benefit

  • Improved internal training program for the company enabling new joinee to acquire desired skill in short time
  • Enabled training department to implement re-skilling and refresher courses more often using new designed multi-media training course
  • Other than general operational training the organisation reaped indirect benefit from troubleshooting, safety, and preventive maintenance module

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