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BYOB Tools for understanding
BYOB Tools for understanding

Description: The Content center creates original, creative learning and assessment content suited to specific learning objectives.

Learning content is created with proper examples using images, videos and animations to make learning more fun and interactive for everyone.

We have a team of dedicated educators and authors to meet content needs from K-12 as well as higher and vocational training.

The Customer:  A leading educational content delivery  company in North America

The Challenge: The project was to create an interactive, easy to use & fun learning content for the Students of 3rd, 4th& 5th Grades. For the project we had only received curriculum guidelines from the customer with the link of Next Generation Science Standards. Using this we had to evolve the core ideas and material for the students.  Next we digitized the content and implemented it in an Activity driven format for the students.

The Solution: After gathering the content from Next Generation Science Standards we developed a total of 66 activity based learning content that included animation, simulation, and Q&A activity that were both easy to use & interactive. The image in the left side is one of the interactive activity that was created using BYOB(Build Your Own Block) on “How Speed is related to Energy & Moving Objects transfer energy”

The interactive activity included different types of assets from which the student could create different sequences to understand the concept of Relation of Speed with Energy & transfer of energy in Moving objects . Once and activity is completed, student have to attempt the questions based on the activity. These would test whether the student has understood the concept conveyed through the content.  Entire content along with  evaluation steps was created in Digital medium. Almost 66 such activities were developed as a learning content for the students to make their education more interesting and fun!

The Benefit: An engaging and interactive content supporting self-paced activity based learning. Complex scientific concepts simplified using real-life examples presented through user run simulation.

Project Type: Content Digitisation

Skills Needed: Project Management, Illustrator, BYOB, Scratch, Moodle

Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Scratch, BYOB, Moodle

Project Year: 15 January 2016

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