We have the expertise in creating multilingual educational and corporate content for various end use cases including corporate, education, publishing, etc.

  • Corporate
    Our team of domain experts and designers have the capability to provide world class digital content covering wide variety of corporate needs including training, customer support, marketing & sales enablement, etc. The cross platform adaptive content is designed to offer contextual and preference based navigation and discovery features.


  • Education
    Our education domain specialists comprise of former teachers and educators with multi-year experience of content creation both for learning / intervention programs and for assessment content that is standard aligned or based on curriculum guidelines for K-12 as well as higher and vocational education.  We have the requisite team of visual designers, project managers, editors and technical support to ensure that every need of pure play content creation and digitization of the content is met efficiently.

Our service offering includes:

  1. Creative prototyping, focus testing and analysis, and final product design.
  2. Original content creation through -Conceptualisation, Visualisation, Story boarding, Illustration creation, related write-up, Review, Implementation and Quality assessment
  3. Content Alignment and Curation Services


  1. Content that is closely connected to standards and curriculum standards
  2. Compliant to adaptive and learning analytic technology
  3. Digital delivery friendly and interactive content