We expertise in re-creating, enhancing, and managing digital content for cross delivery platforms including open source and proprietary Learning Management Systems and Content Management Systems.

Our team holds experience in supporting our client in enhancing and adapting their existing digital content to various known content management and learning management systems:

digital content diagram

Customers can leverage our cross-platform meta-tagging features (XML) allowing same content to be seamlessly published on multiple delivery systems.

We also manage content enhancement and improvement activities hosted on any delivery / publishing platform. Our service offering includes:

  • Digital content re-engineering
  • Content porting and enhancement
  • Plug-in creation for different platform adaptability
  • Meta-tags (XML) creation, management
  • Continuous sustenance and maintenance


  • Make your digital content cross-platform and system compatible
  • Enrich content with meta-tags enabling better usability and presentation
  • Manage content enhancement and modifications based on changing user preferences and feedback