Take your education/training content to the next level by leveraging our end-to-end service on DaaS – helping you to extract, transform, distribute, monetise, and optimise compelling content for tablet, mobile and PC devices.

When it comes to content, TruSkills can offer you much more than digitization. Through our comprehensive Digital Curation package our customers obtain content publishing and archiving service aligned to the requirement of Open Archival Information System  (oais) enabling data to enjoy advance query, interoperability, discipline agnostic, and multi-level access right management features.

Our offering features include:

Original content transformation into collaborative, interactive, media-rich and cross-platform digital content

Discipline agnostic by separating style from content increasing content efficiency

Modular architecture enabling re-usability, better content management, and ease of deployment

Meta-data association (XML) in line with oais guideline giving your content many advantages including longer shelf-life

Enabling data analytics and audit confirming compliance and improvement feedback

In-built access management covering multi layer security requirement (time, space, usability, etc)


Digital publishing diagram

  • Benefits
    • Digitize content to address multi platform and standard compliance requirements
    • Extend user-base by addressing more delivery platform and technologies
    • Increase content effectiveness by adding media-rich and interactive features
    • Advance meta-tag management adding several benefit of content dissemination, traceability, inter-operability, consumer targeting, etc

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