Accessibility, rising cost, emerging technologies, and learner’s acceptability are few key drivers accelerating adoption of online / blended learning. In addition, e-learning comes with added advantages of offering personalised, and self-paced learning environment where both content and delivery can adapt to user’s style and pace.

Here at TruSkills we bring technical, content, design, & process capability under single roof, offering you one-stop digitization consultancy services.

Our team holds deep expertise across digitization continuum, assisting in legacy content and process analysis, design choice assessment & technology selection, delivery model and methodology set-up, and continuous monitoring and support structure set-up.

Our service includes

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Feasibility Analysis

Identify current instructional style, course content, assessment methodologies, targeted audience, success criteria, and implementation challenge establish need for successfully converting the course into online or blended learning course.


Design & Create

Our experienced team of designers & content experts help in identifying most optimized and engaging ways of content digitization as per customer’s need and requirements. We assist in constructing mocks and providing Proof of Concept including all form of digitization work for corporates and institutes.


Deliver & Manage

There are several ways, mediums, and systems to deliver & manage digital content. As content library increases in size and variety, managing them becomes an ongoing challenge. We assist our customers to identify efficient content delivery model, appropriate LMS / LCMS selection, content storage, and security management, among other things.


Evaluate & Support

We offer design and technology support for continuous usage pattern, content feedback, technical complaints, registration issues, and other online back office analysis and 360-degree improvement incorporation.


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